30+ years of training has taught us... the shooting environment is totally critical to what you absorb and retain in regards to "firearms instruction"

You must train the mental with the physical


All too often the focus of training locks onto what the body is doing. No matter the activity, whether sports or shooting, the focus on what different parts of the body are doing to execute dominate many training regimens. But whether you are shooting a pistol, M4 carbine, bolt rifle, or combat shotgun you must learn to dominate your mental focus in order to be successful in your physical training. At Texas Pistol & Rifle Academy you will gain the mental and visual focus training you need to be successful in your firing stroke every time you pull the trigger.

Shooting is a mental, visual, and physical activity

It’s easy to understand that shooting is a mental, visual, and physical activity – but often without training the shooter misunderstands what that really means. Your mental focus must be on the right element of the firing stroke so you can overcome your body’s natural buck, jerk, or slap of the trigger. Your visual focus must be correct so you can have your weapon system properly aimed the moment the trigger breaks. Finally, what your body is doing the moment the trigger breaks, with an emphasis on the ergonomic and efficient use of your body, will help you get consistency shot to shot no matter your target.

Training in all these elements, mental, visual, and physical, of the firing stroke whether you are shooting a pistol, M4 carbine, bolt rifle, or combat shotgun is available at Texas Pistol & Rifle Academy. Take the steps you need to guarantee your success today!

Sympathetic finger movement under stress


Attend any class at Texas Pistol & Rifle Academy and you will hear the “Jump Tower” story. Not to give it away, but the story illustrates how the body’s will for self-preservation can hijack rational thought and interrupt even the simplest of commands for action. The takeaway is this, every human being is born with a will towards self-preservation that pervades all action. Under stress, your will towards self-preservation manifests itself as a buck, jerk, or slap of the trigger because although you believe your mind is focused on the shot, your body is actually focused on the blast that will soon come from the muzzle. Children don’t have to be taught to startle at a thunderclap – but the adult can be taught to use their natural tendencies to get the shot they want.

Stress can steal your shot

A bad trigger press can ruin a perfect shot setup. Whether you are shooting a pistol, M4 carbine, shotgun, or bolt rifle, pressing the trigger poorly will move the sights, and you will miss the shot. Under stress, your body’s application of pressure to the trigger is in “overdrive” because of adrenaline – recruiting more muscles to the task. When pulling the trigger, sympathetic finger movement will hijack your trigger pull by recruiting the remaining fingers in the hand creating a full handed clutching or squeezing. In the example of the pistol, a right-handed shooter will hit low and left of the point of aim, and a left-handed shooter will hit low-right. At TPA you will learn a firing stroke that works through your sympathetic finger movement to deliver a point of aim, point of impact shot on target every time you pull the trigger. Learn to overcome sympathetic finger movement to get point of aim, point of impact hits every time you decide to pull the trigger – train at TPA today!

Shooting under stress: How understanding your body’s reaction can make or break your shot


As you move through the day to day of your activities, if you look closely, you will find you move with just the right amount of speed and force. What does this mean? It means you use a different amount of speed and force opening an envelope as opposed to swatting at a wasp inside your car. Whether you need swift forceful gross motor skill, or delicate, fine motor skill, your body naturally applies just the right amount to get the job done. But when you add adrenaline and accelerated heart rate into the mix, this balance can be thrown off kilter. Understanding how adrenaline from stress can imbalance your natural movements will help you deliver a point of aim, point of impact shot on target whether you are shooting a pistol, M4 carbine, combat shotgun, or bolt rifle. At Texas Pistol & Rifle Academy you will learn the skills you need to perform under accelerated heart rate to prevail.

D0 what comes naturally, even under stress

When accelerated heart rate from adrenaline and stress enter the shooting equation, it becomes easier to let your body collapse into gross motor skills when trying to control the trigger that often requires a fine motor skill. When gross motor skill takes over, the trigger pull decomposes into a clutch of the entire grip, throwing the shot off target, instead of the steady pressure required to compress the trigger and not disrupt the sight picture. Using the firing stroke taught at TPA, you will learn how to use your body’s natural reaction to stress, and gross motor skill under accelerated heart rate, to retain a point of aim, point of impact shooting performance that will allow you to prevail. You cannot escape your physiology, so learn how to use it to your advantage so you may prevail in your moment of truth.

Handgun training

we have been doing this for 30 yrs, we are excited about what our shooters can accomplish in such a short amount of time……

Consistency is the mother of precision…


When people go out and shoot a firearm, most of their mental energy focuses on the fractions of seconds leading up to the boom and the fractions of seconds they have after the boom. The rest of the time before and after the blast is spent thinking “I really hope I hit my target” (boom) then, “Why didn’t I hit my target?” In precision activities like shooting, consistency is the mother of precision – you need a repeatable and reliable firing stroke to delivery hits on target. At Texas Pistol & Rifle Academy, you get the training you need to build a consistent firing stroke whether you are shooting a handgun, M4 carbine, combat shotgun, bolt rifle or your favorite bow. Doing the right thing every time, in this case, a proper firing stroke, will give you success at the target whether you are shooting at a long distance steel target or a bull elk.

…and Simplicity is the mother of accuracy

But beyond consistency for precision, you must have simplicity for accuracy. Since the human mind can only focus on one thing at a time, where you keep your mind when you break the shot is critical to success. As critical, is where you keep your visual focus. At TPA, you will learn a consistent firing stroke married to simple mental and visual focus anchors that take advantage of the body’s natural tendencies when under elevated heart rate so you can deliver an accurate and precise shot. Keeping your mental and visual focus on the anchor points you will learn at TPA will guarantee your success as long as you consistently apply the firing stroke. Learning the consistent firing stroke with the embedded simple mental and visual focus point will build a confidence in your shooting success so great that you will spend your time thinking “I’m going to make this shot…” (boom) “I knew that was going to be a great shot.” Step into a new realm of training at Texas Pistol & Rifle Academy today and guarantee your success on target.

Self-Reliance or Self-Assured – which will help you prevail?


Self-reliance is quite simply reliance on one’s own powers and resources rather than those of others. A, perhaps uniquely American characteristic, relying on oneself is a hallmark of freedom. In our modern society, those who have had an upbringing in self-reliance seem to perform better in the face of challenging circumstances throughout their life. When your endeavor is to take training to shoot well, whether with the bolt rifle, pistol, M4 carbine or combat shotgun, your ability to rely on your own powers become substantial. But what if self-reliance, powerful as it is, was only half of the equation?

If it is to be, it is up to me – the pathway to being self-assured

Possessing the personal resources and ability to rely on one’s power to prevail is a primary training characteristic at Texas Pistol & Rifle Academy. But beyond giving you the tools you need to prevail in your moment of truth, your confidence in performing well creates a unique shooter’s confidence. Self-reliance is the first step to prevail, but being self-assured, confident in one’s own abilities or character, is what wins the day. Having the confidence to draw the line in the sand in the presence of a critical threat comes from being self-assured. But being self-assured in your ability to handle a threat comes from a solid base of training – and that is what you get at Texas Pistol & Rifle Academy.

When you train at TPA, you get a solid base of knowledge and exposure to an elevated heart rate that imbues you with the steady, steely confidence you will need to prevail in your moment of truth. Unlock the formula for winning, self-assured self-reliance, at TPA today!