30+ years of training has taught us... the shooting environment is totally critical to what you absorb and retain in regards to "firearms instruction"

The Texas Pistol & Rifle Academy Difference


Over the last 10 years, shooting schools across the country have exploded onto the scene. The marketplace, including YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook, are chocked full of bearded gunmen, some retired from service, or of unknown origin, peddling “secret shooting skills” marketed to “give you the edge” in your shooting ability. But like seeds scattered on the shallow ground, you see them bloom, then wilt under the sun of the open market – why?

Texas Pistol & Rifle Academy – Human Performance Laboratory

For over thirty years Texas Pistol & Rifle Academy has been training shooters with a physiological and mentally efficient firing stroke derived from years of research. Something you learn when you attend classes at Texas Pistol & Rifle Academy is that TPA is more than a shooting school – it is a shooting laboratory. The personnel at TPA are more than instructors, they are shooting researchers who constantly study how humans perform the act of shooting a firearm. Whether shooting a pistol, M4 carbine, bolt rifle, or combat shotgun, years of human performance data have been collected and studied. The result is a reliable, repeatable and sustainable training protocol that relies on the natural physical and mental tendencies of a shooter under stress, to deliver a point of aim, point of impact shot on target. TPA creates shooters who can deliver well-aimed fire on a target especially under stress.

When it’s time to take your shot under stress, whether stress from finally seeing your trophy animal or being confronted with danger, you can rely on the long history of training success at TPA to deliver the shot you need.