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Proper shooting grip – the hands are busy tools


Extensive study about how the human hand grasps an object has been conducted for many years and a lot has been learned. Consider how versatile the human hand is. The same tool that can grasp and throw a baseball at 100 mph can perform delicate eye surgery. But when it comes to shooting, there are many ways that improper grip can get in the way of a good shot. At Texas Pistol & Rifle Academy, you can learn proper grip when shooting a pistol. Whether shooting a pistol, bolt right, shotgun, or M4 carbine, you will get the firing stroke training you need for point of aim point of impact performance.

Magic Hands

It’s hard to be shooting without hearing the mantra for a good grip on the modern handgun. Strong side hand as high up on the pistol grip – support hand thumb forward, fingers wrapped around the strong side hand under the trigger guard. Some go so far as to say float the thumbs, while other are strongly opposed. Although a good firing grip is a good foundation to proper firing technique, it is itself not enough. Things change when the hand’s job goes from gross motor skill grasping to a precision trigger pull. With results many have seen at the range, these two actions seemed opposed when you look at shots on target. So how do you get a gross motor grasp and precision control of the trigger finger? You need to master a firing stroke that accounts for the capabilities, and limits, of human physiology. Learn this at Texas Pistol & Rifle Academy and improve your shooting immediately!