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Make hay while the sun shines


Since the expiration of the 1994 Assault Weapons Ban the firearms manufacturing and training industries have seen an explosion like never before in their history. Although a victory for the 2nd amendment and American gun traditions, this victory may be short lived. Already the forces who have fought vehemently to curtail even the most basic gun ownership rights are mustering their resources, re-crafting their message, and waiting for the opportunity to relaunch their attacks. But in these, our Halcyon days of firearms freedom, what are you doing to make the most of the freedoms you now enjoy?

Sun rise, sun set…

What are you doing right now to make the most of the firearms freedoms you enjoy today? What are you doing to prepare should the political winds change and a new Clinton Era ban appears on the horizon? Many would suggest running out and buying all the guns and ammo you can. Although understandable, this may not be as prudent as it sounds. If you really want to invest in your freedom, then invest in safe, proven and sustainable firearms training. At Texas Pistol and Rifle Academy, you can gain the firearms training you need, whether for pistol, bolt action rifle, M4 carbine or combat shotgun, to make the most of the firearms you have – thereby being immune to any future bans. Training under the special TPA protocols that use stress and natural body reactions to stress for training will enable you to prevail no matter what you face. Whether facing a trophy buck or fighting for your defense, you can bet on the training you receive at TPA to prevail.

Make hay while the sun shines and secure your training slot at TPA and invest in your future of freedom.

Operational Confidence – Hunters and Long Range Tactical Shooters

Watching shooters over the years you discover that there is a very special drive inside of hunters and long range tactical shooters. Perhaps it’s the challenge of creating the perfect shot from difficult circumstances that drive them? For hunters, the drive may stem from the relentless pursuit of the ultimate trophy. For the long range tactical shooter, the drive may come from wanting a perfect shooting performance under extremely challenging odds. Either way, at Texas Pistol & Rifle Academy, you will get the training you need to achieve operational confidence no matter your target.

All hunters are tactical

Although some may not see the immediate connection – all hunters are tactical, and all tactical shooters are hunters. Depending on their environment the target may shift between two and four legs, however, the firing stroke needed to hit your target can be used interchangeably. At TPA you will learn the fundamentals of long range marksmanship. Finally, learn how to integrate being bone supported and muscle relaxed with a trigger pull that will pay dividends all the way to 600 yards. Here you will learn dial-up, holdover, and wind correction and how to use the techniques under different shooting positions. Whether you are looking for a Marco Polo sheep or competing in your first precision rifle competition you will find the training you are looking for at TPA. Long range results and especially operational confidence are what you will get when you spend time in the bolt rifle course at Texas Pistol & Rifle Academy –  join us today!

Operational Confidence – The Home Defense Shooter


Many people own firearms. Some for sports, some as an inheritance, and some for the specific purpose of defense. Whether you own a shotgun, M4 carbine, handgun, or bolt action rifle, the need for sound training to deploy your weapon system is essential. Although many purchase a shotgun, M4 carbine, or handgun for home defense, many spend little on training. Then they wonder why they remain ill at ease in their home and lack confidence.

Confidence in the home

In home defense situations, most attacks against the occupants will come deep in the night or very early morning and involve more than one attacker. Thieves work when no one is home. But a home invader waits until you are at your most vulnerable, likely when you and your loved ones are deep asleep. Can you rise from a deep sleep to the noise of a home alarm or your dogs barking, children shouting, and have shooting skills to rely on to solve your problems? The skills you need to solve these types of problems only come from reliable training. At Texas Pistol & Rifle Academy, you will learn the firing stroke you need, and get the repetition under stress required to ingrain the techniques. So that when you are under a startle response, you can collect yourself and take care of the things that go bump in the night. At TPA, you can train on the square range, shoot house and under darkness to get the feel of fighting in austere environments. Get the win with proper training at Texas Pistol & Rifle Academy in Whitewright Texas today!

A Society of Shooters


Although the rights of shooters are enshrined in the Bill of Rights, the society of American shooters predates even the formation of the United States of America. As immigrants from other countries began their migration to the New World, they brought their hunting traditions with them. French fur trappers and German Jägermeister would contribute hunting culture and firearm building technology that lives even today. The fruits of these early seeds is a vibrant and rich hunting and shooting tradition that has flourished more in the last 20 years than the last 200.

How to claim your stake in our Society of Shooters

Whether you pursue firearms and firearms training as hunting recreation or personal defense, the need to refine personal skills and be the best in a trait found in every American. At Texas Pistol & Rifle Academy, you can get the training you need to succeed in the hunting ground or the urban jungle. Be it bolt-action rifle, pistol, combat shotgun, or M4 rifle you will find the training you need to be a success. No matter your quarry, there is a personal and cultural need to be the best shooter you can be. Shooting well means enjoying the freedom to succeed. Success can mean hitting the bullseye at 600 yards. Success can also mean bagging the trophy you want in Namibia on a hunting trip to celebrate your retirement with the ones you love. Begin your path to shooting exceptionally at TPA, and enjoy the promise of the founders of the American shooting tradition and take your place in the Society of Shooters today!