Our shooters enjoy the totally private setting, while instruction is given!

NRA Annual Meeting 2018


On May 4-6 the National Rifle Association will hold its annual meeting. This year will be an unprecedented show as Texas Pistol & Rifle Academy will be in booth 10360 ready to meet you. Stop by and speak with Josh about the course offerings at TPA and how our instruction can change your life for the better. With focus on building confidence and competence in your shooting abilities, TPA can answer the call for you shooting needs.

Being welcomed

In our modern world, and almost like clockwork, 2nd amendment supporters are once again on the defensive. But when you attend the NRA annual convention you can rest easy that inside you will find a host of similarly minded people and plenty of exhibits to help you exercise your freedoms. The NRA even is so big that President Trump and Vice President Pence will be speaking on May 4th. This is the kind of thing that happens when likeminded people work together. At the show you can browse countless exhibits and plan what equipment you will acquire to bring to TPA for your next class.

Call Josh Duhon today (214) 663-3910 or come to the NRA and speak with him in person to schedule your next class and discover what TPA can do for you.

Private vs. Group Classes


When you go searching into the firearms training marketplace, you discover a wide array of offerings in a number of settings. A large percentage of these offerings are in a group setting. Group classes offer great benefits to the gun school, the main one being profit margin – the more people you can teach for the same cost of teaching, the more money you get to keep. But what happens to the student? If you have a class of shooters at the same level, it can go quite well for everyone because they are learning at the same place. But what about a group of shooters at different levels? Often the pace of the class moves towards the highly skilled because it becomes easier for the instructor to hold drills. The beginner student gets left behind.


When you train at Texas Pistol & Rifle Academy, you get to learn in a private session. Private at TPA is defined as no more than 4 shooters on the firing line. Why 4? Because it creates a training nexus where each student receives individual attention yet allows the students to learn and work together with new skills and safety. Each student and the instructor is responsible for safety, and the more the merrier, while maintaining individual shooter attention from the instructor. Depending on the training series you are taking, the 4 people you begin a series with becomes your fire team, and you get to experience more in depth training with shooting, moving and communicating as a fire team. The camaraderie that builds from a small and private firing line is something special to see form over a day of training, and makes the class more memorable for each participant.

Call Josh Duhon today (214) 663-3910 and discover the difference a private shooting setting makes and discover your new fire team today!

Course highlight: Long Range Rifle Series


Arguably the most trusted and respected of all American firearms is the centerfire rifle. The modern improvement upon its ball and powder ancestor, the modern rifle is a technological masterpiece the early creators dreamed of. Featuring a multitude of calibers for all types of game at ranges up to and including 1 mile, the modern long range rifle is a weapon platform second to none. But for all the technology inside today’s modern rifle, the fundamentals of marksmanship must be mastered to harness the potential of any gun. At Texas Pistol & Rifle Academy, you can take the Long Range Rifle Series that consists of Basic & Advanced courses to give you a firm foundation in the fundamentals of marksmanship and long range shooting

What you get

The Long Range Rifle series begins in the classroom. Here you will discover the combat triad of shooting a long gun at range, and what the responsibility of the gun and shooter has to be. Proper shooter friendly rifle setup and a proper cleaning technique are reviewed to deliver a clean bore – cold bore first shot performance. Discussions on windage and elevation, the MOA system and the fundamentals of external ballistics round out the classroom portion. Then an extensive dry fire session follows where you get onto your gun and dry fire the firing sequence that focuses on bone supported, muscle-relaxed shooter performance and communication with your spotter. On the firing line, in both the basic and advanced courses, discovery of your DOPE out to distance and mastery of the firing stroke will help you master your weapon and your cartridge. As always, the private setting at TPA allows for the student to train in depth to the degree they demonstrate they are digesting the curriculum – you can drink from the water fountain or the firehose.

Call Josh Duhon today (214) 663-3910 and get started on your path to become the master of Long Range Rifle Series and be well versed for your next hunt.

Course highlight: Tactical Shotgun Series


Often the most misunderstood weapon platform in the gun safe, the pump action shotgun is capable of far more than the mythology surrounding it would belie. Primarily only thought of as a hunting weapon, the shotgun has been defending life and property since well before cartridge weapons were invented. You can take a modern, unmodified, pump action shotgun and learn to use it as a rifle at distance and a close quarter battle weapon with devastating effect. The key factor is training. At Texas Pistol & Rifle Academy, you can take the Tactical Shotgun Series that consists of multiple courses to give you a firm foundation in weapons handling, movement and engaging multiple targets.

What you get

The tactical shotgun series consists of a basic, intermediate and advanced course list. The basic class introduces you to the pump action shotgun, but semi auto shotguns are always welcome. Discussing what the shotgun is capable of, and dispelling myths that surround the shotgun, into the way into fundamentals of weapon manipulation to get the gun into action. The incredible versatility of the pump shotgun is emphasized throughout the course series, and drills focus on creating a thinking shooter that understands ammo selection is a critical aspect of good shooting. Upper level courses emphasize movement and cover scenarios. As always, the private setting at TPA allows for the student to train in depth to the degree they demonstrate they are digesting the curriculum – you can drink from the water fountain or the firehose.

Call Josh Duhon today (214) 663-3910 and get started on your path to become the master of Tactical Shotgun Series and be well versed in your own defense.