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A Handgun in the Home


For some, keeping a firearm in the home is a standard means of self-protection. Many of those who keep a firearm in the home for self-protection perhaps grew up with firearms, or had family or close friends who would teach them in their use. For others, presented with new security challenges, keeping a firearm in the home for self-defense can feel as overwhelming and terrifying as the threats they keep the gun for. What is missing in the latter case, are a history with firearms and people to train them. This is where Texas Pistol & Rifle Academy can help.

Even if you are completely new to firearms, Texas Pistol & Rifle Academy has the training products and instructors you need to be successful. One of the most popular weapons for home defense is the handgun. Lightweight, easily portable and concealable a handgun is an excellent firearm. But only training can transform it into a weapon for personal defense. No matter the manufacturer, training to use a firearm is mandatory for using it for defense. Where do you imagine using your firearm? Most likely, the place you will use your handgun for defense is inside the home. Do you feel you have what it takes? Can you reasonably presume that under the stress of conflict, you can use your handgun to save yourself? At Texas Pistol & Rifle Academy, you will find the resources to train on how to do exactly that. From covered square ranges to realistic shoot house training scenarios, you will find a learning environment designed for your success. This also means training realistically. Most home attacks happen under cover of darkness. Here you can learn to use your handgun with a flashlight inside the shoot house. Best of all, you can take those techniques home and use them there.

When you are ready to discover the training you need, it is time to contact Texas Pistol & Rifle Academy. Handgun training is offered at Introductory, Basic, Intermediate and Advanced levels of training. Sign up today!