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Carrying a Handgun

carrying a handgun

Well heeled? Carrying a burner? Walking the dog? Toting a Roscoe? Packing heat? Carrying a handgun has a lot of names, and a mythology. Long before concealed carry licenses, people wore guns like they wore hats – daily. As society and fashions changed, the reasons for carrying never wavered. Protection from those who’d do you harm. Robber/murderer and hunter/gatherer have always lived together. Although humanity couldn’t survive without a majority of good people, the bad ones have always tagged along. States now have concealed carry licenses, recognizing defense as a good thing. Did licenses finally enable carrying a pistol for defense? Or just legitimize those pistols they’ve always been carrying? A discussion for another time. Carrying a handgun is unnatural, at first. You believe everyone seems to be watching you. You check your holster incessantly. Sweating. Panicking. But training and practice makes it natural. As natural as say, wearing a hat.

Carrying a burner

Think beyond the type of handgun to carry. Beyond where to carry. Past when to carry. Just think of this. You can’t fight with the gun you don’t have. And, any gun is better than no gun at all. Step one, bring your gun to the gunfight. Second step two, win. Step two bewilders even the best intended concealed carry licensee. Training wins fights like fundamentals win championships. Do you have the training to win? Do you have the trigger finger discipline to holster your pistol inside your waistband? Inside your appendix holster? Keeping a loaded gun intimately close to your body takes training. YouTube features hours of videos of the tragically untrained. Advanced Handgun at Texas Pistol Academy teaches winning. Third in the Defensive Pistol Series, Advanced Handgun focuses on gun fighting from concealed carry. Identify the threat. Draw your pistol from concealment. Win the fight. That’s Advanced Handgun.

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