30+ years of training has taught us... the shooting environment is totally critical to what you absorb and retain in regards to "firearms instruction"

Go Beyond Your Gear

go with training before gear

Gear is great. Gear is good. But gear is not enough. Every new gun sparks a cottage industry. New triggers. New Grips. Sights. Magazine extensions. Holsters – especially holsters. Does your new gun have a steel frame? There’s a cerakote for that. Polymer frame? Time to laser and lightening cut. How many windows does a semiauto slide need? One, two, all of them? Not long ago, the only openings in a slide were for the barrel, ejection port, and frame rails. Steel frames came in one color, metal. The rest were finishes to extend the firearms service life. Customizing your firearms is wonderful, and you can have as much as you can afford. Don’t let what you do TO a gun, limit what you can do WITH one. Coatings, sights, triggers and slide cuts won’t compensate for bad technique. Even worse, great gear mask critical gun handling deficits. Train first.

Go With Training First

Ever cringe at seeing a new driver handle a car with 400HP? The same cringe should happen picking out gun accessories before scheduling your first training session. Gear in the proper context, is wonderful. But what context? How should you think about gear? Great gear stays out of your way, and let’s your technique shine through. Training before enhancing your firearms saves time. Learning what you need, then buying, is inexpensive. The opposite is very costly. Remember, you aren’t wasting only money, you’re wasting time. Compare the hours spent researching gear vs. hours spent training. Which pays the larger dividend? Does training or equipment survive successive gun model changes? Proper grip, sight picture, trigger manipulation – the foundations of gun handling survive model changes. Discover the foundations of gun handling in the Defensive Pistol Series at Texas Pistol Academy. Learn the fundamentals of shooting, then buy the gear that helps you.

Learn the fundamentals of gun handling in the Defensive Pistol Series at Texas Pistol Academy. Spend your money and time on training first – and earn dividends for years to come.