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Rest Easy


Discover what firearm training could be when you train at Texas Pistol & Rifle Academy in Whitewright, Texas. No matter what gun platform you want to explore, you will find experienced instructors that make shooting their lives. Want to make the most of your handgun? Take the Defensive Pistol Series and learn how to think like a shooter. AR-15 your favorite? Put your carbine through its paces in the Fighting Carbine Series, and take it to the next level. But don’t forget that shotgun you have in the safe. Whether you prefer a pump or semiautomatic shotgun, the Tactical Shotgun course is right up your alley. When you are ready to fulfill your long range potential, you need the Long Range Rifle Series. Shoot farther than most ranges allow under expert instruction. Accomplish more than “just shooting” with your handgun, carbine, combat shotgun, or bolt rifle.

Not Just Shooting

Do you really know what your handgun is capable of? Pistols have captured the imagination of Americans since the days of the Old West. Stars of the big screen have dazzled with daring do and solved problems with guns right before our eyes. But what about you? How did you come upon your pistol? Did you buy it for fun? Handguns are absolutely fun. Did you buy it for self-defense? There are more states that have carry laws than states that don’t. A majority of people believe carrying a handgun for self-defense is a good thing. But how good do you feel about carrying yours? Whatever apprehensions drove you to purchase, then carry your handgun are legitimate. But here’s the secret no firearm salesperson will tell you. Your apprehensions that made you get a pistol in the first place, won’t go away until you start training. Train and rest easy.

Discover what shooting can be when you train at Texas Pistol & Rifle Academy in Whitewright, Texas. Sign up for the Defensive Pistol Series and rest easy tonight.

A consistent firing stroke is key to consistent accuracy