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Advanced Fighting Carbine #450 – Group Class

Fighting Carbine Series – Advanced Fighting Carbine #450 – Group

Course Syllabus

Welcome and Orientation to Advanced Fighting Carbine #450- Review TPA Training Triad & Safety

  1. Refresh and Review of #250/#350 Fighting Carbine Courses
  2. Quick Reaction Drills
  3. Intro to Patrol & Break Contact Drill
  4. Assault Course Exercise
  5. Problem Solving in the Shoot House
  6. Graduation

Advanced Fighting Carbine #450

Welcome and Orientation intro to Advanced Fighting Carbine #450 – Review TPA Training Triad & Safety
Your day begins in the classroom with a reorientation and reintroduction to the TPA Training Triad. The Training Triad is the foundation of every course taught at Texas Pistol & Rifle Academy. The Training Triad has 3 sides that together help you shoot well. On one side is “mental & visual focus” – since your mind and eyes can only focus on one thing at a time, putting them in the right place is critical for good shooting. The next side is “sending the bullet”- here, the steps of a successful firing stroke are explained to help you deliver point of – aim point of impact shots. The final side is “good equipment” – this describes what characteristics are desirable in a fighting carbine to make it shooter friendly. A thorough safety briefing is presented covering firearm safety rules. You will also be briefed on how to conduct yourself on the range and in the dugout area where you will store your gear and ammo.  A gear check will be performed prior to deployment to the carbine range.

Refresh and Review of #250/#350 Fighting Carbine Courses

Portions of the Basic Fighting Carbine #250 and Intermediate Fighting Carbine #350 will be reviewed. This includes, reconfirming zeroes, Prone, Kneeling, and Standing firing positions, and fighting carbine to handgun transitions. Portions of Marksmanship Under Stress and Intro to Fire & Maneuver will be reviewed.

Quick Reaction Drills

Defensive shootings can happen at very close distances, even closer than arm’s length. Here you will learn how to safely and effectively engage your target in very close quarters and different orientations to the targets. These types of Quick Reaction Drills are the foundation of personal defense and essential to your shooting skill set. You will also rely on your handgun (secondary weapon) during this phase.

Intro to Patrol & Break Contact Drill

Here you will learn an Intro to Patrol for a small fire team. This briefing feathers into the Break Contact Drill most often encountered – Contact Front. Here you will learn how to take up a firing position in an exposed setting and break contact with the target. This fire & maneuver exercise will be an extension of the material covered during Introduction to Fire & Maneuver in the Intermediate Fighting Carbine #350 course (prerequisite). Here, you will reinforce the fundamentals of shoot, move, and communicate.

Assault Course Exercise

This is an extended Patrol & Break Contact Drill enhanced by the unique terrain of the TPA assault course. Here, you will continue to use your fire & maneuver techniques that reinforce your shoot, move, and communicate fundamentals.

Problem Solving in the Shoot House

Towards the end of the training day, you will go to the shoot house for your final exam. Here you will be tasked with a shooting problem to solve using all the skills you have acquired through the Fighting Carbine Series. You will begin the shooting exercise from inside the Shoot House for real-world application of Marksmanship Under Stress.


At the end of the training day, you will participate in a graduation ceremony where you receive a certificate of completion for your training effort.

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